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Hudson Hollywood Stalker Chasity Danelle James Long Criminal Record

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Chasity Danelle James Stalking Hillview Residents

Chasity James, aka Chasity Danelle, is relentless in her harassment and stalking of residents and former residents of the Hillview Hollywood apartments at 6533 Hollywood Blvd.

Her criminal record is extensive. (more…)

Chasity Danelle Makes Hudson Hollywood Apartments Not Safe For Tenants

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Criminal Threats Against Tenants @ Hudson Hollywood Apartments

With complaints to management falling on deaf ears, tenants have taken it upon themselves for protection.

Chasity James aka Chasity Danelle, (once an extra on TV show “The Game”) was recently arrested again (see image above) at the Hudson apartments. This time Chasity James was arrested for a felony of criminal threats against other tenants.

The list of criminal complaints at the Hillview / Hudson Apartments include but are not limited to: (more…)

Chasity Danelle James Arrested for Battery of Resident

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Criminal Threats Against Tenants @ Hudson Hollywood Apartments

Back in July 2010 on the night prior to her employment reassignment Malika Joi Davis was caught placing a letter on tenants doors. She was intoxicated and the letter beyond demeaning/hostile.

This issue was NEVER addressed, with the tenants whose names were included in this heinous letter by incoming management CIM. It was explicitly brought to their attention. (more…)